What is a Locate?

Locates are ground markings identifying the position of utility lines based on records or electronic locating equipment, and the associated necessary documentation such as a locate sheet. Ground markings consist of different colours that are used to reflect each type of infrastructure (gas, hydro, cable, etc.). For a list of the colours, refer to the Universal Colour Codes.

Excavators are required to request the location of underground facilities at each excavation site by notifying the one call centre and/or facility owner. Use www.ClickBeforeYouDig.com or contact your one call centre at least five business days before starting your project to allow the necessary time to secure required locates. If you’re aware of your anticipated start date, most services can process requests up to one year in advance.

When necessary, the excavator or the locator may request a pre-excavating meeting at the jobsite just prior to the actual marking of facility locations. Such pre-excavating meetings are important for major, or unusual, excavations.

Be aware that privately owned buried facilities (e.g. pool and barbecue lines) may exist within the work area. If so, you must contact a private locator. Visit www.ClickBeforeYouDig.com or contact your regional One Call Centre for more information.

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